Use Acts of Kindness to Stay Connected with Family and Friends this Holiday Season

The holidays, although joyous and festive, can also be difficult and lonely. Many of us will not be able to spend the holiday season with our loved ones, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spread love and kindness to our family, friends, and anyone else who needs it.

But how can we share warmth and good feelings from a distance? Thanks to technology, you can brighten up someone’s day from nearly anywhere in the world. A simple phone call is always a good option, but there are other creative ways to stay connected and spread cheer to friends, family, and strangers.

This Monday, check out our list of 10 inventive ways to spread kindness this holiday season.


Create a Family/Friend Scrap Book

There are tons of different online services where you can upload pictures from your phone or computer and transform them into a personalized book of memories. Put one together for your family or friends, and ship them out for the holiday.


Drop Off Flowers

If family or friends are in driving distance, you can make the delivery yourself, but there are also great services that can help you gift a bouquet of flowers.


Encourage Meditation and Deep Breathing

Sharing meditation techniques or deep breathing GIFs with friends and family can help them stay calm during the stress of the holiday season. GIFs and guided meditations are easy to send, simple to use, and can make a big impact.


Facetime Your Grandparents or Aunts/Uncles

You know they love to see your face. Try a video chat instead of the traditional phone call. Take it one step further and make the commitment to video chat a relative every Monday this month.


Send a Motivational Text

You never know how someone is feeling on the inside. Sending motivational messaging to friends and family might be just what they need.


Host a Virtual Movie Night

Connect with family and friends, and schedule a virtual movie night. Start the movie at the same time, and then set up a post-movie video call to discuss!


Run Errands for a Neighbor

Because of COVID-19, people who are high risk of getting sick (older adults or individuals with compromised immune systems) need assistance doing basic errands. Call a neighbor or family member to see what you can do to help. A simple trip to the grocery store could be just the gift a person needs to get them through the holiday.


Write a Letter

A lost art, letter writing is a deeply personal form of communication. Everyone loves getting mail, and receiving a handwritten letter can really brighten up someone’s day.


Share Recipes and Send Snacks

One of the many joys of the holiday season is the food. Share some of your favorite recipes with family and friends, or send baked goods or nonperishables in the mail. Don’t feel like cooking? Use a delivery service to send dinner to a loved one.


Start a Virtual Book Club

There’s going to be a lot of downtime this winter, so why not put those extra hours to good use by devouring some good book? Besides being a helpful way to analyze and understand a novel, book clubs keep you accountable and motivate you to read that next chapter.