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Cities around the globe are challenged with finding innovative solutions to some of the world’s greatest threats, such as climate change, preserving precious natural resources, and reducing the incidence of preventable diseases. At the core of many of these challenges is food. What people eat, how it’s produced, and how much is wasted can have a major impact on a city’s health and sustainability goals.

One simple strategy that cities can leverage to promote plant-based eating is Meatless Monday, which was started in 2003 by The Monday Campaigns and The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future. Many cities embrace Meatless Monday because it’s a small, simple change that everyone can get behind. And when enough people make small changes, the ripple effect can lead to large scale outcomes. We’ve got all you need to get started.

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City Guides

Meatless Monday City and Community Foodservice Program Guide

This ‘how-to’ guide walks you through the steps to launching a Meatless Monday program in a city.

Meatless Monday Global City Guide

Learn how cities and communities across the globe use Meatless Monday to inspire healthy, sustainable, plant-based eating.

5 Tips to Get Meatless Monday Going in Your City or Community

1. Issue a proclamation or resolution.

Contact your local mayor’s office or a local city council member and suggest issuing a Meatless Monday proclamation or resolution. Below are some cities and communities that have done this, as well as sample language to include in your own.

Download a sample Meatless Monday proclamation here.


2. Issue a press release.

Use this press release to pitch local media, secure local news coverage and inform your community about your Meatless Monday program. 

Download a sample press release here.


3. Get institutions in your community to participate in Meatless Monday.

We offer free resources designed to help introduce and promote Meatless Monday in restaurants, schools, hospitals, and businesses.


4. Promote Meatless Monday in city buildings and offices.

Download our free resources to promote Meatless Monday to city employees in city hall or other city buildings.


5. Conduct a survey.

A survey will help you learn about community awareness and current meat consumption before and after the launch of your Meatless Monday initiative.

Download a sample survey here.

Cities big and small can use Meatless Monday to reach a range of different organizations, institutions, and audiences. In New York City, the local government implemented Meatless Monday programming in the hospital and public-school systems. The city also passed a historic resolution that encourages individuals and public and private institutions to try and provide more plant-based eating options to their employees, students, and residents. Click the links below to see how New York City made Meatless Monday part of its health messaging.

MM NYC Schools Students
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza, and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announced that Meatless Monday will be expanded to all New York City public schools beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, reaching 1.1 million students every week.
NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest public healthcare system in the country, will now be offering a Meatless Monday “chef’s choice” option to inpatients at all 11 acute care hospitals.
New York City has passed a historic resolution supporting the promotion and adoption of Meatless Monday for residents, businesses, and government organizations. The resolution encourages individuals and public and private institutions to try and provide plant-based option...

Many communities have laid the groundwork for successful Meatless Monday programming. Whether through formal legislation, a proclamation, or financial commitment, there are many existing examples of how Meatless Monday can lead to greater awareness of the benefits of plant-based eating. Click the links below to see how different communities have made Meatless Monday part of their health messaging.  

Community Case Studies

In Bedford, New York, a group of volunteers working with the Bedford 2020 organization encouraged restaurants, businesses, hospitals, places of worship, and school cafeterias to offer meatless options on Monday.
In Needham, Massachusetts, a triumvirate of non-profit organizations decided to take matters into their own hands and start their own version of Meatless Monday.
In Columbia, South Carolina, every Monday is now officially Meatless Monday, thanks to a city proclamation fueled by a partnership with Let’s Meat Less, an organization advocating plant-based eating.

Find More Meatless Monday Resources

Looking for resources for launching a Meatless Monday program in your school, hospital, or restaurant? Want the latest Meatless Monday guides and social media graphics? Find them all at our main resource center.

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