Better Together: Meatless Monday with Friends and Family

​​Making a healthy lifestyle change is easier when you have the support of your friends and family. And there’s no lifestyle change more important than a healthy diet. Our survey research shows that our immediate social circlefriends, family, loved onescan make the biggest impact on our lives and motivate us to adopt better eating habits.

The Meatless Monday For Family and Friends Package contains all the information and materials you need to encourage your social circle to adopt a more plant-forward diet. Adjusting how and what we eat is a big step, but when you’re making the commitment as a group, you’re more likely to see it through and reap the many health benefitstogether. Through simple actions, like finding a Meatless Monday buddy, sharing plant-based recipes, and making family-sized meals, you’ll find that it’s easy (and delicious) to eat a healthier diet.

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Team #MeatlessMonday is way more funFind a Meatless Monday Buddy

There’s strength in numbers! Finding a friend or family member to participate in Meatless Monday will help keep you both motivated. Creating a Meatless Monday group or team with similar goals can be the key to success. It can also be a lot of fun. You’ll be able to share cooking tips, favorite recipes, and restaurant recommendations. Teaming up with family and friends that you usually have meals with will be especially effective for maintaining a Meatless Monday routine.

Create a chat or text group to share recipes and tipsGet Social: Start a Group Chat and Share Social Media Ideas

For better or worse, one of the best ways to stay in touch is through a text group. This is a great channel of communication that allows you to quickly swap recipes, articles, and other healthy eating hacks. Sharing recipe videos, tips, and ideas by tagging your friends and family in plant-based social media posts is also an easy way to connect and find inspiration. Check out @MeatlessMonday for daily recipes, information, and news. Tiktok @Meatless.Monday

Share you favorite plant-based recipesShare Plant-Based Recipes

Swapping recipes is the best way to get exposed to the limitless plant-based meal options. By exchanging recipes with a buddy, you’ll learn new ingredients and cooking techniques that will inspire you to create your own meatless masterpieces. Check out our top-rated recipes of all time or casually browse our complete Meatless Monday recipe portfolio.

big-batch plant-based meals to feed a familyMake Family Meals Together

How do you get everyone in your household to try Meatless Monday? Easy, feed the whole family with one of these Meatless Monday big-batch recipes. Pesto pasta, meat-free jambalaya, Thai pumpkin curry, and vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie are all terrific options that even the pickiest of eaters will appreciate. And the best part is you’ll likely have some leftovers for lunch the next day.

Get the kids involved in preparing mealsGet the Kids Involved in Preparing Meals

There’s the misconception out there that kids don’t like vegetables. Kids will eat their veggiesespecially when they take part in making them! So what’s the best way to get them into the kitchen? Let your kids help prepare and cook these easy-to-make plant-based recipes that family members of all ages will enjoy.

Plant-based swaps for your favorite comfort foodsEnjoy Traditional Family Favorites and Comfort Foods

Committing to Meatless Monday doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite meals. There’s plenty of ways to recreate those classic comfort foods using only plant-based ingredients. With the right recipes, you’ll enjoy lighter versions of homey dishes that may even taste better than the originals. Don’t believe us? Try them out for yourself and see!

Enjoy your favorite restaurant meals, made plant-basedTry a Plant-Based Restaurant Option

One of the simplest ways to experiment with plant-based meals for Meatless Monday is to try plant-based options at restaurants. Thankfully, now most national chains, fine dining, and local restaurants have plant-based options available. Aim for plant-based versions that are similar to your favorite restaurant meals. Here’s our guide to dining out for Meatless Monday.

Take the Meatless Monday ChallengeTake the Meatless Monday Challenge

Get started with Meatless Monday by joining our 12-week challenge, which serves as a weekly guide for beginners who want to eat more plant-based. It is easy to follow and super flexible, so you’ll have no problem finding meals that you enjoy and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. You don’t need to be an avid cook or lover of kale to participate, Meatless Monday is for meat lovers, veggie lovers, and everyone in between.

Sign-up today or create a team, the Meatless Monday Challenge is a delicious, nutritious, and easy way to kick-start healthier eating habits, and also has a positive impact on the planet.