Get Started with Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday is a simple lifestyle that allows you to eat the foods you love, while making your weekly meals incrementally healthier and more sustainable. The concept is straightforward: “cut out the meat, one day a week.” Yep, the simple act of eating only plant-based foods on Monday can be life changing.

But like any other new health resolution, the key to success is consistency and ease. Once you experience how easy it is to go meatless on Monday, maybe you’ll want to reduce your meat consumption other days of the week, too.

So what’s the best way to get started with Meatless Monday? We’ve compiled a list of simple tips and resources to make it easier to eat more plant-based meals, without having to sacrifice the foods, restaurants, and culinary experiences you love.

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Good for You and the Planet

Tapping into the benefits of Meatless Monday can help you get started and stay motivated. While most people reduce their meat consumption for health reasons, there are many other benefits to eating more plant-based meals. By simply enjoying your favorite foods made plant-based, you are also helping the planet and creating a more sustainable future.


How Do I Get Started?

Starting a new habit can be hard but taking small steps, like Meatless Monday, can help you build a lifelong healthy eating routine. Our advice is to break down a day of plant-based eating into simple, achievable steps that will make Meatless Monday rewarding, delicious, and easy. Need some help with meal ideas? Get started with this delicious 6-week meal plan, no chef skills required!


Become Familiar with Plant-Based Proteins

Get to know plant-based proteins that are easy swaps for meat. Thankfully, there is no shortage of delicious and versatile options to choose from for Meatless Monday… and beyond. Swapping out meat for a plant-based choice is healthier and can also add new flavors and variety to your meals.

A few of our favorite plant-based protein options include: Beans which are an excellent and affordable option, making your favorite comfort foods with tofu, and combining grains, nuts, and seeds for even more protein. Learn more about plant-based proteins and the best substitutes for beef, chicken, pork, and even bacon.

Make Familiar Meals

To start, try making familiar meals with plant-based proteins instead of meat. For example, if you love tacos, burritos, or bolognese, swap out the beef in your usual recipe for plant-based crumbles, nuts, or mushrooms. There are a variety of plant-based proteins that can be found at most grocery stores as well as thousands of plant-based recipes for meatless versions of your favorite meals.


Try a Plant-Based Restaurant Option

One of the simplest ways to experiment with plant-based meals for Meatless Monday is to try plant-based options at restaurants. Thankfully, now most national chains, fine dining, and local restaurants have plant-based options available. Aim for plant-based versions that are similar to your favorite restaurant meals. Here’s our guide to dining out for Meatless Monday.


Make a Meal Plan

Planning your Meatless Monday meals in advance is one of the most effective ways to ensure you always have delicious plant-based meals available all day. A quick meal plan helps you manage your time, budget, and supplies more efficiently so you’re not missing a key ingredient or out of ideas for dinner. Meal planning can also include choosing a restaurant with plant-based options.


Find a Meatless Monday Buddy

There’s strength in numbers! Finding a friend or family member to participate in Meatless Monday will help keep you both motivated. Creating a group with similar goals can be extremely motivating. It can also be a lot of fun. You’ll be able to share all the tips, favorite recipes, and restaurant recommendations. Teaming up with family and friends that you usually have meals with will be especially effective for maintaining a Meatless Monday routine.


Take the Meatless Monday Challenge

Get started with Meatless Monday by joining our 12-week challenge, which serves as a weekly guide for beginners who want to eat more plant-based. It is easy to follow and super flexible, so you’ll have no problem finding meals that you enjoy and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. You don’t need to be an avid cook or lover of kale to participate, Meatless Monday is for meat lovers, veggie lovers, and everyone in between.

Sign-up today or create a team, the Challenge is a delicious, nutritious, and easy way to kick-start healthier eating habits, and also has a positive impact on the planet.