Man Up Monday

The Day to Get Tested and Get Condoms

Man Up Monday is a sex-positive health initiative that encourages young men to be more aware of their sexual health. Young men, and men generally, tend to ignore health problems until they become acute. Man Up Monday encourages men to take weekly stock of their sexual health by reflecting on their sexual health decisions, getting tested for HIV and STIs, and restocking condoms.


Man Up at Murray State University

Man Up at Murray State University

Planned Parenthood

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri collaborated with The Monday Campaigns and other local organizations to launch the campus-wide Man Up Mizzou campaign with the slogan, “It’s easy as 1, 2, pee.” Mizzou’s Student Health Center offered free urine STI testing to male and female students for five Mondays during the spring semester. The campaign led to over 330 students tested, with those positive for gonorrhea and/or chlamydia (almost 10%) receiving treatment and counseling.


Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia

In February 2012, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia (PPSEV) conducted a test pilot of Man Up Monday. PPSEV employed Man Up promotional materials to encourage men to start the week with STI/STD testing, and then offered men half-price STI/STD testing on Mondays at PPSEV’s health centers in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. During the pilot, PPSEV saw a 200% increase in testing over the previous year. Today, the program continues – with men still enjoying half-price testing on Mondays.

Murray State

Murray State University

Murray State University, in Murray, KY, has held four Man Up Monday HIV/STI testing events on campus. Once a month since February 2013,MSU Health Services has urged students to “Take stock of your health – and take action to prevent the spread of HIV and STI!” by offering men and women free, confidential rapid screen testing on a first come, first served basis. Students have definitely responded — every available testing slot has filled up for each event. (Anyone unable to get a tested is referred to the local health department for free testing.)

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Hastings Family Planning

Hastings Family Planning, a non-profit agency that provides reproductive healthcare, educational services and counseling in south central Nebraska, has been distributing Man Up Monday postcards and putting up posters at local bars, colleges, factories and other key spots throughout the area. They also have a condom dispensary at Hastings College, where they distribute Man Up Monday postcards.

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Family Health Services

Family Health Services of southeast Nebraska provides monthly clinics and sexual health resources to the public. The organization has taken to the airwaves to promote their services, creating and running three unique Man Up Monday radio ads on their local ESPN Radio station from April to June, 2013.

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Syracuse University & AIDS Community Resources

Healthy Monday Syracuse has enthusiastically embraced the Man Up Monday campaign. In collaboration with local health clinics AIDS Community Resources and the Onondaga County Health Department STI Clinic, Man Up Mondays offers free STI testing for men and women. In addition, The Monday Campaigns worked with Lamar Advertising to create a comprehensive promotional program in Syracuse that includes educational handouts and eye-catching billboards.

Man Up Monday Research

A 2014 FGI Survey found that people view Monday, more than any other day of the week, as the preferred day to start a healthy behavior. Specifically, respondents said Monday was the best day for scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

Researchers have also found that people are seeking information about HIV prevention and treatment more at the beginning of the week, and that Monday may be a good leverage point for reminding people with HIV to stick to their medication regimens.

In a pilot study, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia found that the Man Up Monday campaign increased STI testing at their clinics by 200%.

Two college campuses have also found success with the campaign: Through its Man Up Monday promotion, the University of Missouri was able to test over 330 students, 10% of those testing positive for chlamydia and/or gonorrhea that were then able to get immediate treatment. Murray State University saw an increase in use of testing services thanks to the campaign, with over half of students getting tested reporting that they came in specifically because they saw Man Up Monday materials around campus. Most importantly, the campaign reached their intended audience, with 57% of students reporting that they had never been tested for HIV before.

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