Monday 2000

2000 Calories per Day for the Average Adult

Menu labels featuring calories are now mandatory at restaurant chains throughout the US, making it easier for consumers to make informed food choices before they order. To get the week off to a healthy start, people can do the “Monday 2000” by adding up calories and sticking within their daily budget, which for most people is 2000 calories. Using Mondays to track food choices can help people develop the context they need to make appropriate food choices all week long. Workplace wellness programs can also leverage the periodicity of Mondays to encourage employees to best utilize calorie postings by sending weekly reminders to stay within their calorie budget. For diners on the go, there’s even a variety of helpful apps that make it easy to find the number of calories in meals.

Download a calorie tracking app like Lose It or My Fitness Pal
to keep track of your calories this Monday!


In order to identify effective strategies for promoting calorie labeling, Johns Hopkins conducted a study in the cafeteria of the university’s Medical Center to determine if weekly email or text messages could make people more aware of calorie limits and encourage them to eat less. The study was published by Health Promotion Practice.

The study found that only 43% of college educated respondents knew about the 2000 calorie intake recommendation, underscoring the importance of promoting awareness of the recommendation as part of any calorie labeling initiative. Approximately one-third of participants who received text messages felt the information they received on Mondays increased their awareness of calorie consumption and helped them eat fewer calories throughout the rest of the week.