Fitness Challenges

Struggling to find your Move It Monday motivation? Sometimes all you need is a little friendly competition!

To help you get moving on Monday, we’ve developed five simple-but-effective fitness challenges you can issue to your friends, coworkers, or social media followers. Pick your favorite or work through the whole five-week series every Move It Monday for a tournament of fitness.

Check out our instructions for each challenge below and get moving!

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers will make sure your abdomen, hamstrings, quads, glutes, shoulders and triceps get an intense burn.


Jabs give your whole body a work out since you need perfect form to land the best punch. Challenge a few friends to join you in the ring this week and learn how to jab with the best of them.

High Knees

If you’re looking for an alternative to jogging around the park or a half-hour bike ride, this is the challenge for you. High knees will help boost your heart rate, stay flexible, and improve coordination.

Bicycle Crunches

Tweet a friend who is away on vacation, or text a relative who may have just gotten home from work, and challenge them to do as many bicycle crunches as possible. You’ll be giving them a way to boost their health and get closer to a six-pack for visits to the beach.

Jumping Jacks

With this exercise, your challenger can slim down, feel better throughout the day, and avoid problems that not only affect the heart, but the brain, as well.