Healthy Monday can be used as an umbrella campaign over a wide range of health initiatives. By using Monday to unite health messaging, workplaces, communities, schools and more can create a culture of wellness that motivates people to join together and start the week off healthy.

Our Healthy Monday campaign can be used as an umbrella for worksites looking to incorporate Monday insights and programs into their worksite wellness efforts.  Move It Monday, I Quit and Stay Quit Monday, and Meatless Monday can be used separately or together as Healthy Monday to help boost the effectiveness of your physical fitness, smoking cessation, and healthy eating initiatives.

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Syracuse Shines as Healthy Monday Community & Campus

Healthy Monday is the cornerstone of public health promotion at Syracuse University and throughout the local community, where a team of public health experts is utilizing marketing best practices and the latest technology to help people stay healthy.

Students at Syracuse can start the week with a wide range of nutrition and fitness activities, including Meatless Monday in the school’s cafeteria, free fruit deliveries, Move It Monday classes, wellness seminars and campus health surveys. For the local community, there are Meatless Monday meals at neighborhood restaurants and at St. Joseph’s Hospital, as well as various nutrition programs and public health forums.

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Covington Creates a Comprehensive Community Program

Covington, Kentucky, is a close-knit community that uses Monday to promote a variety of health and wellness issues. Its initiatives bring together government services, community leaders and nearby Northern Kentucky University to build a truly comprehensive wellness program.

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University of Northern Colorado Keeps Score for Better Health

The University of Northern Colorado offers a wide array of Healthy Monday campus programs and tallies healthy behaviors with a Healthy Monday Scorecard, allowing students to track their progress, see weekly tips and stay updated on event information.

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Cabrini Cares for Student Health with Weekly Programs

Following its philosophy of “Living and Learning” healthfully, Cabrini College offers Healthy Monday programs and wellness seminars each week, along with exciting prizes and giveaways.

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