Meatless Monday

One Day a Week, Cut Out Meat

Meatless Monday is a global movement with a simple message: one day a week, cut out meat! Launched in 2003 in association with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Meatless Monday is now embraced in more than 40 countries. Our goal is to reduce meat consumption by 15% for our personal health and the health of the planet. We provide information, recipes, and free materials to help individuals, schools, restaurants, hospitals, food companies, and communities start each week with healthy, environmentally-friendly, and meat-free meals.


Meatless Monday has been growing rapidly around the world and can now be found in 24 countries. Individuals, celebrities, media, schools, workplaces, restaurants and whole communities join together to cut out meat once a week for their personal health and the health of the planet. For a complete roster of participants visit


Sodexo’s Meatless Monday Results:
Veggies Up, Meat Down

Institutional feeder Sodexo has taken a lead role in the promotion of Meatless Monday, bringing the healthy eating initiative to over 6,000 client sites across the country. The program began in January of 2011 as part of Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Plan and included new plant-based menu items and education materials to inform diners.

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Meatless Monday Coast to Coast

Meatless Monday Restaurants Coast to Coast

From Scandinavian meat-free dishes in New York City to exotic Indian cuisine in St. Louis to modern American vegetarian delicacies in Seattle, the list of restaurants offering creative and delicious out of the ordinary’meatless and vegan meals is on the increase.

Restaurateurs and chefs around the country are embracing the healthful eating trend and meeting the demand for new and flavorful menu choices by cooking with more exotic fruits and vegetables, different grains, beans and other legumes.

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TV’s Chew Crew Serves Up Easy Meatless Monday Meals

Nearly 3 million daytime television viewers have discovered the Meatless Monday movement thanks to ABC’s The Chew. The talk show airs weekday afternoons and stars Daphne Oz, Clinton Kelly and chefs Carla Hall, Mario Batali and Michael Symon. The group discusses cooking techniques, recipes, nutrition and entertaining.

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Oprah Offers Meatless Monday at Harpo Studios

Oprah Winfrey teamed up with Meatless Monday supporters Michael Pollan and Kathy Freston to encourage viewers to think about the food on their plates. On her Vegan Challenge episode in 2011, Oprah and 378 of her staff members highlighted the positive effects of a plant-based diet, and the wide array of food options available. Following the team’s experience, Oprah decided that her Harpo Studios café would offer a Meatless Monday option every week.

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LA Casts Meatless Monday in Healthy Leading Role

California’s city of A-list celebrities and lux-living now has another claim to fame. On Friday, October 24th, 2012, Los Angeles became the largest city in the U.S. to sign a Meatless Monday resolution. The official declaration, unanimously approved by LA’s City Council, announces that the city is embracing Meatless Mondays for the health of its citizens and the planet.

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Teen Chefs’ Healthy Dishes Earn Scholarships in Nationwide C-CAP Meatless Monday Recipe Contest

Thousands of Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) high-school seniors became head chefs in their classroom for a chance to win a scholarship and have their healthy, meatless recipe featured on the menu at Canyon Ranch, a destination spa in Tuscon, Arizona.

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Meatless Monday Gains Momentum in Communities Nationwide

Meatless Monday is going strong in cities and towns across the country.

In Aspen, CO, more than two dozen restaurants are now serving Meatless Monday options, and these eating establishments join local public schools, Aspen Valley Hospital and other area institutions in showing how easy and healthy forgoing meat on Mondays can be.

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Meatless Monday Goes Globetrotting With New International Supporters

Countries around the world are embracing Meatless Monday: from Sweden’s award-winning Köttfri Måndag initiative to the government-supported Luntiang Lunes campaign in the Philippines, non-profits, restaurants, schools and citizens in no less than 24 countries are coming together to cut meat consumption worldwide.

Most recently, Israel and Australia launched local Meatless Monday campaigns to help improve the health of their countries.


Meatless Monday Awareness is on the Rise

A recent FGI* online survey showed that 43% of Americans are aware of Meatless Monday, almost double the number aware back in 2009.This growth was achieved without spending a dime in media – it’s all through grassroots viral dissemination and partici- pation of key influencers and organizations like Mario Batali, Sodexo and thousands of schools, restaurants, companies and media.

TMCSuite_120725.pdf (page 5 of 6)

Meatless Monday is Influencing Consumption

FGI found that 35.8% of those aware said that the campaign had influenced their decision to cut back on meat and 36.4% said it had led them to incorporate more meatless meals the rest of the week. Overall this group reported impressive increases in consumption of a range of healthy foods:

TMCSuite_120725.pdf (page 5 of 6)-1

Meatless Monday is influencing purchasing

Sodexo launched Meatless Monday across all divisions in 2011, including 6,000 schools, corporations, hospitals and government facilities. Of those participating in the program, 49% reported an increase in purchasing of vegetables and 30% reported a decrease in purchases of meat.**

TMCSuite_120725.pdf (page 5 of 6)-2 TMCSuite_120725.pdf (page 5 of 6)-3

*FGI Research online panel of 1000 18+ adults. Proportions/Means tested at 95% confidence level +/- 3%.

**Research by Johns Hopkins’ Center for a Livable Future