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The Healthy Monday Worksite Wellness program was developed by the Monday Campaigns in association with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Health and Productivity Studies. Our concept is based on research that people are more predisposed to healthy thinking and actions on Monday than any other day, making it an ideal time to promote health messages in the workplace.

We’ve developed a suite of free resources using the Monday insight and weekly cue that can be used as a stand-alone program or combined with a company’s existing wellness program. These include our weekly “Healthy Monday Reset” newsletter, online resources that promote nutrition, physical activity, tobacco cessation and stress reduction and suggestions for on-site “Healthy Monday Challenges.” We also offer a comprehensive evaluation tool developed by Johns Hopkins to assess the efficacy of current wellness programs and evaluate a Healthy Monday add-on.

Learn more by downloading our detailed introduction.

Benefits to Your Company

Healthy Monday provides a fun, engaging way to keep employees healthy, which can boost productivity and demonstrate your company’s interest in employee well-being. Specific benefits include:

  • • Building in a “health reset” into employees’ weekly routines that helps create healthy habits for life.
  • • Providing a weekly platform to synchronize existing wellness activities such as health fairs and screenings.
  • • Creating a culture of health with group activities such as Monday Mile walks and fitness competitions.
  • • Amplifying the effectiveness of current wellness program with free weekly content including stress reduction resources, healthy recipes and fitness videos.
  • • Demonstrating impact of wellness program with evaluation tools from top experts.

Free Healthy Monday Resources

The Healthy Monday program is designed to be modular, so you can pick and choose among different elements or use as a comprehensive stand-alone program. Elements include:

Use our turnkey solutions that you can offer to employees immediately.

Using Our Tools in Your Program

  • • Choose the Healthy Monday program that fits your needs, based on the priorities of your company.
  • • What are you doing already? Monday content is easily integrated into existing health fairs, weight-loss activities, nutrition education or tobacco cessation programs.
  • • Prepare an annual calendar with weekly activities every Monday, or the first Monday of every month. Meatless Monday recipes and Monday Mile activities are just some examples.
  • • Provide incentives for participating employees or set up competitions between departments. Both have shown to improve employee engagement.
  • • Keep it going. Use Monday messaging to keep your team engaged throughout the year. With our refreshed content, your wellness activities won’t get stale.

Measure Your Results

Get buy-in from your management team by proving the value of your health & wellness initiatives. We have an out-of-the-box evaluation you can use to measure the effectiveness of Healthy Monday Worksite Wellness. Or our team can guide you in developing your own evaluation.

Click here to download the evaluation we developed with Johns Hopkins University.

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